We are pleased to offer a variety of services ensuring all your claim needs are satisified

Residential Property

  • Investigation & Adjustment
  • Flood Certified
  • High-Value Dwellings
  • Coastal Homeowners
  • Condominium / Homeowners Associations

Commercial Property

  • Investigation & Adjustment
  • Nonprofit Entities
  • Resorts, Hotels, and Motels
  • Golf Clubs
  • Restaurants, Bars, Taverns

Additional Services Provided

  1. Subrogation Investigation & Determination
  2. First Party Appraisal
  3. Risk Assessment for Underwriting Evaluation
  4. Business Interruption
  5. Slab Leaks
  6. Theft & Vandalism
  7. Catastrophe Adjustment Team
  8. Inland Marine
"I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed Minto and the fine adjusters at Tri-State for over 20 years. I manage a Lloyd’s based binder and we utilize independent adjusters throughout the country to facilitate the handling of claims. Initially we designated Tri-State as our mid-Atlantic representative but Ed’s experience and expertise became apparent and the firm quickly rose to being our adjuster of choice for all complex claims in North America. The adjustment of claims is a balance in managing the expectation of the policy holder and reporting to the market their exposure surrounding the loss. Ed and his team have the experience to deliver quality assistance to clients throughout the remediation process while managing costs to the insurers. Whether it’s a minor financial loss to a client or a multi-million dollar catastrophe,
Ed Minto and his team have always delivered".
- Bill Waldorf | Waldorf Risk Solutions, Inc.

"PIA's one-stop shop approach
makes them the easy choice, no matter the claim size".
- Dan Stango | Restraunt Bar & Tavern Gaurd

I'm so grateful for you both for building this community. I am 2 weeks into Phase 1 and am already noticing some pretty cool changes in my digestion and mind in how I'm handling certain situations. I am so excited for more.

We Cover It All

Catastrophic Events

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