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Fire Safety - Turkey Tips

We understand, being the "Hostess of the Mostess" can be stressful. It is easy to become distracted while trying to cook and entertain guests simultaneously. In preparation of the holidays, here are some precautionary tips to help prevent a cooking fire while cooking your Thanksgiving turkey.

Cooking on a Stovetop or Oven

1. Start the holiday with a clean slate. Remove food and grease buildup from both the Stovetop and Oven.

2. Always stay in the kitchen while cooking.

3. Do not leave your home while cooking the turkey, set a timer, and check on it often.

4. Always keep fire suppressants in the Kitchen. Fire suppressants may include a fire extinguisher or baking soda.

4. If an oven-fire ensues, turn off the heat and keep the door closed - the fire should burn off on its own. If the fire escapes, call 911 and, use your fire suppressants to put the fire out.

Turkey Fryers

1. Never use a turkey fryer indoors, in the garage, or on a covered patio.

2. Always have a fire extinguisher close by and never use water to extinguish a grease fire.

3. Purchase well-insulated oven mitts- the side, lid, and handles of the fryer will get very hot.

4. Majority of fires occur when the oil is being heated - especially since most fryers do not have automatic thermostatic controls.

5. Do not overfill the fryer with oil - Before using oil, test it out with water. Place your turkey in the fryer and fill it with water until the Turkey is submerged. Remove the turkey, mark the water line, and dump the water. Use the water line as a guide on how much oil to pour.

6. Never leave a fryer unattended! Always keep children and pets away from it. The oil will remain hot for hours after removing the Turkey.

7. Allow two or more feet of space between the propane tank and the the fryer.

8. If oil beings to smoke, turn the gas OFF.

ūüĒ• According the the National Fire Protection¬†Association (USFA), Thanksgiving is the nation's leading day for cooking fires. The number of cooking fires on Thanksgiving is THREE¬†times higher than any other day of the year. We provided you with these tips to ensure that you and your family have a safe holiday.

ūüĒ• We recommend checking all smoke alarms before the holidays to ensure they are working properly¬†!



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